Tara Burke - Eugene, Oregon 

Tara has been spreading her love of service, hoop devotion, and wellness across the globe. She desires to bridge elemental hoopdance techniques with her own voice, and wants to cultivate community connection and draw from divine inspiration.  As she develop her skills to as a hoopdance and yoga teacher, she is currently focusing on her studies to provide empowerment and education through movement arts and production work. She hopes to deepen her work in transforming our connection to our bodies while still dancing with our spirits. Tara continues to plant seeds of inspirations daily and is honored to be apart of the elemental hoopdance community! 


Sweet Caroline - La Jolla, CA

Sweet Caroline has been an oncology nurse for almost 15 years, she holds a Master of Science in Nursing Education (MSN), is a Certified Breast Care Nurse, a Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher, and practices her love of Hoop Dance, Ecstatic Dance, and Yoga as a form of self-expression for self-care. Caroline created and developed The Hula Hoop Girl in 2014, an Embodied Movement Meditation Practice that guides women to reclaim their own natural born rhythm while feeling empowered to self-resource & self-express through the transformational power of play through the practices of Hoop Dance and Ecstatic Dance. Caroline compassionately guides women to experience their own dance while weaving in the five elements of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Space, and the four cardinal directions, East, South, North, and West. Caroline’s life work is dedicated to guiding women to dance in the center of their joy through their own unique rhythmic expression by using their own physical, emotional, intuitive, imaginal, and cognitive intelligences. 


Teeba Alkhudairi - Dubai UAE

Teeba is the founder of flowground, the UAE’s first and only flow arts centre in the UAE, specializing in hoop and poi flow. The first person to introduce hoop flow to the Middle East, Teeba has already built a thriving community of hoopers in Dubai, frequently seen dancing with their plastic circles at hoop jams and community events at the city’s parks and other public places. Born in Baghdad and raised in Riyadh, Teeba is half-Iraqi, half-Saudi by origin and has lived in seven different cities in the world. A biomedical engineer by education, a graduate of Harvard Business School, a certified Elemental Hoop dance instructor, and Chief Hoop Fairy at flowground, Teeba wears many feathers in her cap. She discovered the art of hoop dance at the Burning Man festival in 2011 and has been hooping ever since. She then found flowground in November 2014 with the aim of sharing her joy and love for hooping with the world. As a teacher, Teeba is very dynamic and incorporates varying sequences and moves in every class to help students enjoy themselves. She also encourages them to go learn more than just physical tricks and find their flow – a state of balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual selves. 

In Teeba’s own words, “the power of the hoop is hard to see with the naked eye. It allows in its simplest form what is often restricted in our society – the freedom of self-expression and play.” 



Sara Theresa Marsh

I, Sara Theresa Marsh, am a Healer, and so are you. My blessed teaching certification in Elemental Hoop Dance enables me to channel the healing energy of the Elements. I would love to support you, as you also learn the joy of this empowering process. Deepen, nurture and align your mind, body, soul connection in honor of the Natural World. You deserve it. In reverence of Space, Air, Fire,Water, and Earth...open up, let go, dance it out...and find me on Facebook. Meow.


Jodi Lilly

Jodi Lilly, founder of Goddess Hoop Dance, has worked closely with women, professionally, throughout her life, guiding them in realizing both their inner and outer beauty. Her longtime love of the earth, stars and sky led to an early interest in astrology, mythology and mysticism that offered access to the ways of the unseen world and human nature. Decades of study, meditation, intuitive development and dedicated time in nature paved the way to deeper understanding. In 1997, as her first career as a hairstylist began to wind down, Jodi began her soul work as an intuitive consultant and guide for women on a spiritual path seeking greater self-awareness. Realizing her passion for hoop dancing in 2009, Jodi knew she had found a way to assist women in experiencing their own beauty and accessing the Goddess within – that sacred, self-confident, sassy aspect of the Self that so many women lose touch with as they enter the teen years. In 2010, she founded Goddess Hoop Dance offering classes that introduced women to the hoop as a portal to grace, joy, and a greater sense of self that naturally arise through the art of hoop dance. Becoming an Elemental Hoop Dance Teacher in 2014 provided the perfect structure for weaving a new depth and focus into her hoop class offerings, to not only assist women in reconnecting with their bodies and get them moving in ways they may have forgotten were possible, but offer inspiration and meaning, by way of Nature’s metaphors.


Kezia Holm - Oahu, Hawaii

Kezia loved hula hooping when she was a little girl. It was so fun, so care free, so passionate. As she got older her life drifted in new directions and it wasn't until 2008; when her busy college and work schedules made her in need of some reconnecting with her inner child and inner passion, that she was finally able to find in the sweet escape in this magical ring. Since then she has found that this amazing tool can not only inspire herself to blossom to her full potential but others as well. Now she strives to teach her students self love, confidence and passion through the creative play of the hula hoop.

Georgia Endsley - Michigan

Georgia has an intense passion for creative expression and ecstatic play. She finds solace in sharing this with others through forms of non-verbal communication such as hoop-dance and yoga. She has been in love with this dance since 2010 and as a source of inspiration in her life she fuels her fire by sparking this dance within and around. She explores performing with fire, doubles and ecstatic dance, she teaches with a passion that illuminates her soul. Georgia is also a yoga teacher and practices energy healing through reiki. She fuels her culmination of movement through holistically approaching the potential we all hold within to empower and create the best versions of ourselves through love. She is honored to be a part of the one hoop one love tribe. Following the rhythm that was sparked in her soul she embodies the elements in her teaching with a devotion to healing community through movement and soul connection.


Filipa Crow of Nativa Hoops - Lisbon, Portugal

Filipa Crow, born in the charismatic city of Lisbon, Portugal, on December 5th 1988, has a bachelor degree in Biology and a master degree in Conservation Biology. Versatile, creative and autodidact, she developed a deep passion for dance throughout the years, using Nature as her main source of inspiration. In 2013, she initiated herself in the practice of Hoop Dancing and immediately fell in love with the circles and spirals that helped moving her body in synchrony with the natural patterns and cycles of Nature. With her deep love for Elemental Hoopdance, she now hopes to guide, teach and inspire her students using the elements of Nature as sacred metaphors that facilitate connection to the natural world and to Flow.

Website link: http://nativahoops.com/en/

Erin Eliz of Mountain Mermaid Hooping

Erin Eliz of Mountain Mermaid Hooping is a certified Elemental Hoop Dance Teacher. Since 2012 Erin has also been fortunate enough to attend numerous flow arts festivals and workshops where she was mesmerized by talented instructors from all across the globe. She took away with her not only new tricks and ideas, but also a desire to share this awesome activity and cultivate community in her hometown. This inspired Erin to teach hooping classes to both children and adults. Through hooping, Erin continues to be transformed on the levels of mind, body and spirit. Hula hooping helped Erin lose many, many pounds of weight, increased her physical fitness level, boosted her self confidence and brought joy into her life that she is eternally grateful to experience.

Mountain Mermaid Hooping was born to share the joy of movement with others, to encourage self-expression and revel in creativity. When exercise is fun we connect to the movement, and to our bodies. By using a hoop, we are able to open our bodies, express ourselves and find flow. In flow, we tap into the unlimited potential within ourselves. The benefits of hooping include: Hooping can burn hundreds of calories an hour! Hooping is an exciting way to increase your heart rate and increase flexibility. Hooping is a creative outlet for self expression as a form of dance. Hooping creates new pathways in our brains. Hooping offers an alternative perspective on movement, both inside our bodies and as our bodies move through space. Hooping is play, which is critical to good health in all stages of life. Hooping is simply delightful.

Sandra-Dee of Hoop Flow Love

I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe, I studied botany and entomology in South Africa, lived in Asia and Australia and I now live in the Western Cape of South Africa moving between the Garden Route and Cape Town teaching and performing with the hoop. 

I was first ignited by the hoop while watching a fire dancer in Taiwan and knew that this was what I had been yearning for. In 2008 on the beaches of Yi-Lan County I taught myself as much as I could from youtube. I found a new inspiration and curiosity for life in this circle and for the first time since I was a child I reconnected with my authentic Self. I laughed, played and danced as I wished in this magickal circle.

The hoop has been my portal to my spiritual awakening and personal growth. The deep connection with my Self through the hoop and the courage I found to be Me after many loses and transgressions has inspired me to share this empowering dance. 

I have always been deeply connected to Mother Nature having grown up experiencing the wild African bushand so Elemental hoop dance made so much sense, relating the ebb and flow of nature to our physical movement.

I believe the hoop is a profound and natural tool for healing. Even when we are not looking for healing it gently guides our bodies, our minds and our spirits to a state of balance. 

I began teaching hoop dance in 2011 and with my husband began Hoop Flow Love in 2013. Our mission is to inspire people; inspire them to choose Love – Love their bodies, their essence, their life; to follow their dreams and be courageous!

I completed my Elemental Hoop Dance training in January 2016 and am honoured to be able to share this wisdom with hoopers in South Africa and around the world. 

Website: www.hoopflowlove.com

Facebook: www.facebook.co/HoopFlowLove/ 

Twitter: @HoopFlowLove

Instagram: @sandradeehoops


Katelyn (Lovly) Simon

Boulder, Colorado

Kati Simon is a holistic practitioner and the founder & cocreator of Prana Love Hoops, Luvly Moonwall Performance Art, co­founder and choreographer for Flow1212 (based in Charlotte,NC) . Kati is a 200 RYT in Ashtanga yoga with a deep intuitive focus on harnessing energy/prana in movement for deeper self inquiries & soul healing. The hoop has facilitated the space for her growth in movement meditation and she hopes to share its benefits. Her teaching style is rooted in elemental archetypes, purposeful movement in proper alignment and transformative meditation.

Contact Katelyn at her Facebook Page Katelyn (Luvly) Simon
FB­ Kati (Luvly) Simon

Amy Martin

Some of Amy’s first memories are of dancing. She has long believed in the magic that surrounds dance. Expressive moments that overflow your soul. A release into the present as your mind, body, and spirit are seamlessly connected through music, movement, and space. For Amy this magic became amplified when she stepped into a plastic circle – the hoop! 

Amy has personally practiced Hoop Dance for 6 years. Empowered by the teachings of the Elemental Hoop Dance Teacher Training and Certification Program, she has integrated conscience somatic theory and inspirations from the flowing rhythms of the elements into her personal style of hoopdance. In 2015 she founded “Soulfilment Productions”, a business in which she has begun to share the magic of this dance with others in the forms of classes, workshops, and live performances. 

By day, Amy is an event professional working as a project coordinator for a creative event design company and as a director at large for the International Live Events Association, Calgary Chapter.

Email : soulfilmentproductions@gmail.com

Melissa Rutigliano

Melissa discovered the power and joy of dance at a young age; She remains in awe of the celebratory aspect when it is shared with others, as well as the healing that accompanies a solitary practice.  

She discovered the art of belly dance in 2005, which awakened the divine in her femininity.  Just a few years later, Melissa was spinning inside a hoop!  This new dance partner created a persistent full body smile, while capturing her soul as a movement meditation.

When she's not hoop dancing, she can be found combining her love of circles, cycles, and crystals over at The M.A.R.S. Lab. celebrates women's empowerment through conversation, adornments and hoop-dance (Body Joy).


Cat Hay

Cat is a dancing yogini mystic who first discovered the hoop in 2010. What began as an attempt to find a fun form of exercise, ended up as so much more. In the hoop, Cat discovered the art of a daily practice, and through this creative movement meditation she has undergone profound transformation. Hoopdance was the key that unlocked the door into her soul, and it is Cat's belief there is no more worthy journey in this human life. She is inspired to teach any and all who are called to the circle. Her classes are an embodied experience that weaves together hoop technique and theory, with creative exploration, meditation, emotional expression, and archetypal journeying. Her intent is to connect students to the unique flow and innate dancer that exists within us all. When Cat is not hoopdancing, she can be found tending to the earth- farming and studying Ayurveda and Yoga in Kauai, Hawaii. After receiving a Masters in Environmental Studies and Public Administration, she felt the call to get back to the land and explore how the application of spiritual principles can be implemented into environmental leadership initiatives.

Cat believes embodied movement practices such as hoopdance are an integral part of healing not only our bodies, but the Earth body. She is also a professional fire and flow artist, spreading the joy of the hoop through performance.

Cat is humbled and honored to be serving as a movement guide for others as they step into the circle and connect to it's bliss.

Contact Cat @ cat.p.hay@gmail.com


Kat Stephens

Kat is a Montana born performance artist. Outside of circus she found a love for working with others through their healing process. She is a Reiki practitioner and an Aerial instructor. After discovering Somatics through the course, Kat hopes to continue her studies through the movement arts and explore how the movement arts can bring healing to the body.

Contact Kat Stephens at:  facebook.com/saturnperformanceartist

Instagram: madame_katastrophe